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Why to invest?

Updated: 30.10.2017

Why is it worthwhile to invest in Mazovia?

  • market capacity – an easy access to the largest in Central Europe Polish market (38 mln persons),
  • large number of entrepreneurs (798,947 – data of CSO (GUS), as of 30th June 2017) providing vast opportunities for co-operation,
  • Mazovia is a location chosen by 23,662 active companies with foreign capital, what is nearly 44.4% on the national scale (Source: Centralny Ośrodek Informacji Gospodarczej as of June 2017),
  • skilled human resources,
  • relatively low labour costs and skilled employees,
  • the fact that Warsaw is the capital and that it is the most developed region in Poland in terms of the economy and living standards,
  • investor-friendly local government authorities,
  • convenient communication links with the rest of the country and Europe,
  • good infrastructure and high level of services for business,
  • well-prepared investment offers enabling both the execution of large investment projects that are strategic for the entire country and smaller investment projects,
  • existence of Special Economic Zones in Mazovia,
  • incentives and attractive investment sites,
  • availability of the EU funds earmarked for the development of entrepreneurship,
  • favourable business-support environment,
  • growth potential – access to the best scientific centres and academic institutions,
  • the highest level of innovations; outlays on R&D activities are one of the highest in the country,
  • very well developed system of education at every level also enabling to offer education to foreign students as well,
  • highest educational potential in Poland – about 90 universities and colleges of further education, ca.20% of students in Poland (Source: Central Statistical Office (GUS) as of 2016),
  • existence of the institutions providing support to foreign investors such as, for example: Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza S.A. (Mazovia Development Agency Plc), Mazowiecka Agencja Energetyczna Sp. z o.o. (Mazovian Energy Agency Plc), PAIH S.A. (Polish Investment & Trade Agency).


ANUGA 2013


As the part of the project "Mazovia -the economic heart of Poland", Mazovia Development Agency Plc has organised a participation in ANUGA trade fairs (5th-9th October 2013). The event was attended by six companies of Mazovia region. These companies presented together at the booth of Mazovia their products: fruits (apples), sweets, cereals, processed vegetables, additives and food colors.

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World Food Moscow 2013


As the part of the project "Mazowsze - economic heart of Poland", Mazovia Development Agency Plc was organizing on 17-20 September 2013 a visit of Mazovian companies to World Food Moscow 2013 fair. The event was attended by 7 mazovian companies representing the following product groups: fruits, vegetables, pasta, organic sweets.

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New York


Exchange rates

USD 3,2400 PLN
EUR 4,2049 PLN
CHF 3,3579 PLN
GBP 4,8968 PLN
JPY 3,1828 PLN

(Source: NBP, Download date: 2013-05-24)